Magnolia - Little Gem


Magnolia ‘Little Gem’
Magnolia grandiflora

The Little Gem is a dwarf variety of the very large Magnolia grandiflora. With medium to slow growth it will reach around 5 - 6 metres when mature. Highly sort after for its compact grow, dense foliage and prolific flowering. The large white flowers appear in summer and unlike other magnolias, will produce flowers from a young age. The leaves are dark green and leathery, with the underside having small tan hairs. Prefers well drained fertile soils, and due to the dwarfed root system, needs regular watering.

Height: 6 metres
Width: 4 metres
* Dimensions at maturity.

Best suited for:
Very popular in smaller gardens as a feature tree or screens due to the non-invasive root system. Great screening tree with the added advantage of producing a beautiful fragrant flower.


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