Robinia Moptop


Robinia Moptop
Robinia pseudo.umbraculifera

The Mop top Robinia is quite popular deciduous tree. The dark green leaves provide an excellent dense shade, while in winter the warming winter sun is allowed through. A graft height of around 1.8 metres, and a growing habit of a “ball on a stick”. The tree holds a topiaries look throughout its life which can be pruned back to size in winter. When young the stems are usually red-tinted, but darken and become furrowed as it ages. Suggest tree sprays to deep water roots system, which should eliminate suckering.

Height: 6 metres
Width: 5 metres
* Dimensions at maturity.

Best suited for:
A very hardy tree that can tolerate tough conditions. Individually shaped tree that will provide shade in the harshest of conditions.


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